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Message from Director Colleges

 Almighty ALLAH has created man from a simple broth of mud and has inculcated his wisdom coded in the form of(essence) feelings, thinking, emotions, actions and values which all human trends to have. These senses become inspirational which in turn created new things, innovative ideas, significant imaginations and curiosity to explore the surrounding world, as human beings always learn from outside by situations and interactions with the people. This curiosity has influenced human beings to mechanize their efforts and strive to invent things to make meaningful, easier, accessible, beneficial, multiplier, social shifting through new and emerging knowledge.   The world is changing un-Presciently and unpredictably and traditional way of learning through experience has been replaced by deep, creative and innovative learning. This kind of learning has been institutionalized and globalized through modern technologies. Technology in education plays an important role in promoting independent learning, well-equipped with skills and knowledge and quality accessibility to achieve a successful life in the future. In the present scenario of technological development only those nations can be fit for existence that have the capacity or potential for change and for this cause, a conducive learning environment is crucial. This is the prime responsibility of the policy and decision makers to hinge the new generations and human resources with the new and emerging technological developments. These technologies have drastically influenced the man kind in all spheres and domains of the life but it should remain enabled, simplified, safe and time saver and valuable source providing tool and should not be risky, hazardous, unsafe, unhealthier and invaluable so that we could be able to think more appropriately, do more effectively and efficiently, develop more strongly and live with comfort that differentiates between man and animal. Present technology is revolutionizing the information and bridging the knowledge gaps and is creating a real learning environment.   Integrating technology in education has its advantages and disadvantages but proper and positive implementation might help to minimize the backwardness and maximize the efficiency and effectiveness.

The main objectives of launching the website are:  

  • To stream line information related to GB colleges.
  • To digitize for access to information, knowledge, developments and new approaches.
  • To design future strategic planning and sharing of collective wisdom for effectiveness.
  • To outsource skills and expertise by acquiring global citizenship.
  • To ensure timely facilitation and integration to students and faculty.
  • Access to nominations against reserved seats for the Students of Gilgit-Baltistan, scholarships/stipend.
  • To develop integrity among colleges other institutions, departments.
  • For easy access of information for stakeholders and transform the information into knowledge.
  • For transparency and fairness to adopt merit on equity bases.
  • Effective and timely nominations and to ensure accountability through feedback mechanism.
  • And finally to put all potentials to orient the new talent for a safer, better, quicker and stronger community, crucial for a society, globally knowledged.

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